Tuesday, March 4, 2014

what do dreams mean?

I woke up from the strangest dream this morning.

We were evacuating--my entire family and I. We were packing as much as we could fit in our cars as quickly as we could and we were leaving. I don't know where we were going, but we were running from something and we were running out of time. In my dream, we were all younger than we are now. I was an adult, but I wasn't thirty-eight. I lived at my parents' house, but I'd already started packing for something (was I going away to school?). When my parents told me we were evacuating, I was upset. I'd only packed for a couple of months, not for forever, and now I had to hurry to catch up and to get the stuff I needed before it was too late.  I think we were in our old house from Tempe, but my closet was a lot like my closet at the Saddle Club Apartments. Derek wasn't there, but I packed his baby clothes--making sure he and I would have warm clothes because, apparently, wherever we were going, I was expecting snow. I still had my Jetta. I miss that car! I'd traded my parents the Jetta for an old army Jeep in the dream--but they were using the Jeep and it was already full of their stuff when I ran outside with my arms full of clothes. The Jetta's trunk was full of baby tortoises. I packed around them and yelled at Graham or Steven, both little kids, to pick some weeds and throw them in the back. Just before my alarm rang, I saw Justin sitting in the backseat of the Jeep with my parents in the front and my blonde little brothers cuddled into the clothes in the far back.

I woke up praying to know it was all about.

It was so real....but everyone was younger and so much hadn't happened yet and everything was changing.

What would I take if I had to evacuate right now?

I'm looking around my house and I suddenly want to get rid of all the superfluous junk.

I want to clean out and clear out or something.

I want to be ten or fifteen years younger and to still think I can go somewhere or something.

Or maybe this is all BS. It was just such a weird dream.