Monday, February 2, 2015

sleepy monday night

It's another Netflix night en la casa de mia.

Is it casa de mia or casa mia?

I could look it up, but why? It's so much easier to guess, ponder, and move on....

I'm watching Dr Who, but I'm bored with it tonight.Season 7 doesn't have the relationships or story-strength or something that I loved/liked/or just couldn't stop watching in previous seasons. We said good-bye to Amelia and Rory and a woman named Clara just dropped through the top of the Doctor's carriage and I think I might turn off the TV for the night.

But then I what will I do?

I was so so sooo very tired today. All day.

I completed a 5K yesterday morning and then I walked Derek to and from church---over five miles total for the day and we played and danced and crawled around the house---and I felt great yesterday, but I woke up achy and edgy today. Yesterday, I was impressed by my fitness. Today, I'm reminded how far I have to go.

I should run to the store, but I think I'll take a shower and crawl into bed instead.

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